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Vocabulary trainer in Swedish

It’s easier to learn a language when you have fun! So try this application Ord i fokus. It will improve and broaden your vocabulary in an easy and challenging way.

The application is based on the popular books Bygg upp ditt ordförråd. Thousands of people have broadened their vocabulary with these books ever since the eighties. Now it’s your turn!

App fem-i-rad

How to play

The game is simple. You can choose between three game modes. The easiest one is ”bild till ord”. A picture is shown and different words will appear from above. Your goal is to click on the word that matches the picture. When you succeed you will hear the pronunciation and the word will then fall into the word list. If you pick the wrong word a red light will show. The game mode ”ord till bild” has the same functions but the other way around. If you need a more challenging task you can play ”synonymer” and find the right synonym.

You can also choose with which speed you want the words to appear by setting the lever at ”lugnt” (slow), ”lagom” (in between) or ”snabbt” (fast). The game is over when the time is up.

You can always see the words you got right by clicking on the word list ”ordlista”. You can sort your words alphabetically. If you would like to hear them pronounced again, click on the note.

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